Home Automation


The SmartThings button is located in the foyer by the front door as you first enter. It has home automation functionality to change the lighting in the home.

  • Press Once — Turn off all the lights. Hallway dims after 10 seconds to allow time to exit.
  • Press Twice — Turn on all lights to full brightness.
  • Hold for 2 seconds and release — Locks the front door and dims the interior lighting. Great for enjoying a movie.

Google Home

Google Home Automation is available at Azure by the Sea. The Google Home is located in the ceiling of the hallway above the thermostat. If you wish to disable the Google home, simply turn off the switch located in the same hallway. Google Home can do many things for your without lifting a finger. Simply state the wake command, “Hey, Google” followed by one of these requests:

  • Dim all the lights to 20% brightness
  • Turn off all the lights
  • How far is Publix
  • What’s the weather like tomorrow
  • What time does the Harry’s Restaurant close
  • And many others …


The thermostat is on a program which can be adjusted to your liking. Typically, it is set to 72 degrees. Because of the warm humidity on Longboat Key, the thermostat disables if the patio slider is left open. Simply close the patio slider and the thermostat will turn back on and the home will begin to cool. This precludes a frozen coil from happening again which take a few days to unwind.